Additional to regular ski and snowboard lessons our instructors are qualified to teach you specific skills or activities, like: 

  • Freestyle
  • Race Coaching 
  • Resort Guiding
  • Back/side country guiding
  • Ski touring and Split boarding
  • Telemark
  • Adaptive

Our lessons are designed to meet your needs and goals no matter where you are in your snowsports experience. 

Our rates

Our lessons are usually 8,000 yen per instructor per hour with a maximum of six people in a group. This is the rate at almost all the resorts at which we teach. Exact pricing will be confirmed during the booking process so please get in touch.

Lessons at some resorts are priced depending on the number of participants in the lesson with one instructor (this is due to contractual obligations). 


Additional info

- This is all you have to pay; there are no additional fees.

- You will need to provide your own equipment and ski pass.

- We wouldn't recommend more than 4 people in one lesson. The more participants you have, the less individual attention students receive. People learn in different ways and at different speeds, therefore some will be ready to progress onto additional challenges and more advanced terrain before others. It is no fun for anyone to feel held back, or worse, left behind. 

- Children and adults learn in different ways. If possible it is recommended to have separate instructors for children and adults. This way children can enjoy fun and games while adults can ask for all the extra explanations their analytical minds desire. This helps everyone gain more from the lessons. 



Lifelong learning. Have a refresher. Even if you have been skiing for decades there is always room for improvement.

Advice from a pro can lead to a small change that can make a huge difference. This means more fun and more smiles.