Kagura Events and Service Days 2015/2016

Onto the back side of the info leaflet for Mount Naeba Resorts - Naeba, Tashiro, Kagura and Mitsumata.

Kagura Opening Event - November 21st

Tashiro Opening Event (at the Tashiro Station) - December 12th

Ladies Days - not confirmed yet so keep an eye on the website. Ladies' tickets for 3,200 yen for the Kagura area - Tashiro, Kagura, Mitsumata.

Ski Kids Days - Sunday December 20th, Sunday January 17th, Sunday February 21st, Sunday March 30th, Thursday May 5th (a public holiday). Kids receive a soft drink voucher and can also get free rental.

Free Tonjiru Soup at Tashiro Station - Monday January 11th (a public holiday), Sunday February 7th, Sunday March 6th, Sunday April 3rd

Kagura First Sunrise of the Year Tour - January 1st. 1,000 yen to take part. Limited to the first 200 people.)

Kagura Appreciation Day - Wednesday January 13th, Wednesday February 10th, Wednesday March 9th. At the restaurant in Wadagoya.

Final Event - Sunday May 8th for Tashiro. Sunday May 29th for Mitsumata/Kagura.

Lift Ticket Prices for Kagura/Mitsumata/Tashiro

Operation Dates for Kagura/Mitsumata - Saturday November 21st - Sunday May 29th. Open - 0800-1700 (or 0730 on Saturdays and holidays)

Operation Dates for Tashiro - Saturday December 12th - Sunday May 8th.  Open - 0800-1700 (or 0730 on Saturdays and holidays)

Free drink for early season skiing ( November 21st - December 11th) and late season skiing (May 9th - May 29th)

Kagura area 1 Day Ticket: Adult 4,700, Senior 4,200, Middle/High School Student 3,800

Kagura area 2 Day Ticket: Adult 8,800, Senior 7,800, Middle/High School Student 7,000

AM Ticket (Start -1300): Adult 3,500, Senior 3,000, Middle/High School Student 2,600

PM Ticket (1145 - 1700): Adult 3,500, Senior 3,000, Middle/High School Student 2,600

Lift Ticket Prices for Mount Naeba

Operation Dates for the Dragondola (Tashiro <-> Naeba) - Saturday December 19th - Sunday March 27th. Mount Naeba tickets which cover the whole Naeba/Tashiro/Kagura/Mitsumata are available during this period.

Mt. Naeba 1 Day Ticket: Adult 5,700, Senior 5,000, Middle/High School Student 4,300