Kagura Ski Resort Introduction

Kagura is one of the best known ski resorts in the Yuzawa area. It is the first to open each winter and the last to close, usually running from late November until late May each year. It has been known to be open in June! Kagura is the name the resort goes under though it is made up of the Mitsumata, Kagura and Tashiro areas.

Coming from Yuzawa Town Kagura is about 15-20 minutes along Route 17 towards Naeba. In the township of Mitsumata is the Mitsumata Ropeway that takes you up to the slopes. There are a few lifts in the Mitsumata area, and also the Kagura gondola which takes you up to the higher slopes of the Kagura area. At the start and finish of the season the higher slopes are the only ones in operation.

From the Kagura area you can ski into the Tashiro area. It can also be accessed from the road, further along Route 17 in the township of Futai where the Tashiro Ropeway is located. Tashiro tends to have much easier runs than the Kagura side of the resort (though the very first run down from the top of the Tashiro gondola to the first lift can be challenging for beginners or the nervous.)

The Tashiro area links up to the Naeba area by a 5.5 kilometer horizontal gondola (the Dragondola) making it a very large ski resort. When you buy you lift ticket you can choose a ticket for the Kagura areas, or one that includes the Dragondola and Naeba as well. There are usually some coupon tickets on the website that add meal tickets to the cost of a lift ticket for a bit of a discount.

There are a couple of buses that run out to Kagura and Tashiro. One is run by the ski resort and drops/picks up inside the car park. The other is the local bus line which drops/picks up on the road.

There is accommodation available along the road in Mitsumata and Futai. The all tend to be small, family-run lodges. There is not much else out in the townships (i.e. shops, convenience stores, restaurants, etc) so most places would probably offer room with breakfast and dinner.

Kagura is a great ski resort that often has great quality snow. It's big with lots to explore so is perfect for intermediates and experts. There are a couple of small terrain parks, as well as some popular backcountry areas to explore. If you are looking for ski lessons at Kagura or snowboard lessons at Kagura then we are your local Yuzawa ski school and would love to show you around.