Activities for Non-Skiers

Activities for Non-Skiers

Another question we get frequently is regarding what other activities are available, either for those that do not ski, or as a day off from the slopes. There are other activities on offer in this region though it does depend on your interests, budget and schedule.

Here are a few suggestions that past customer have thoroughly enjoyed.

Sake tasting tour at Shirataki Brewery – A free tour at the brewery with a very interesting video on the specifics of sake production as well as a tasting of some of the different products. The brewery also use some of the by-products of the sake brewing process to make cosmetics. There are beneficial properties that were discovered after the skin of the brewers hands was seen to be in such good condition from contact with the raw materials.

Snowmobiling at Yuzawa Snowmobile Land – A chance to learn how to operate a snowmobile and fly around their large snowmobiling course.

Sledging at Iwappara – Buy a single ride ticket and head up the chairlift. There is a sledging course the length of the lift line and free sledge rental. Bomb down the course in a race with your friends and family.

Enjoy the views from one of the long ropeways and gondolas – Yuzawa Kogen, Maiko, GALA, Tashiro, Naeba and Hakkai-san all have long lifts up to the higher slopes that do not require you to ride skis or a snowboard back down. Anyone can buy a ticket and enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains and the valley below.

Snowshoe tours, soba noodle making, onsen, temples and museums, regular events and festivals are all other great options. Several of the local tourist associations put together winter programs to open up the area to international visitors. We’ll make sure to post more information as and when we receive it.

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