Kagura Lift Coupons

Kagura Lift Coupons

Kagura Ski Area Lift Coupon page.

Much like the Naeba Lift Coupons we posted about recently, Kagura also have discount coupons that you can use. You can print the coupons, or show them on a screen on your smartphone at the ticket counter. Each coupon is good for up to five people.

Prices are listed by adult, senior, junior/high school students. and then by date. (Children under 12 ski for free at all Prince Resorts.) The usual price is on the left with the discount price in red on the right. These prices are for the Kagura area (so Mitsumata/Kagura/Tashiro) but you can pay extra to upgrade them to the full Mount Naeba area (including Dragondola and Naeba.)

Lift +1 is lift ticket and a drink ticket. (For the early and late season this becomes a 500 yen ticket that can be used within the resort as everyone who buys a pass will receive a drink ticket.)

Lift +2 is lift ticket, a drink ticket and a 1000 yen ticket to be used within the resort.

Lift +3 is lift ticket, a drink ticket, 1000 yen ticket to be used within the resort, and ski set or snowboard set from the rental shop at the base of the ropeway in Mitsumata or Tashiro.

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