Renting Powder Skis in Yuzawa

Renting Powder Skis in Yuzawa

Another question that has been appearing a couple of times of late…where to rent powder skis or fat skis in Yuzawa?

A couple of good options:

Yuzawa Ski House have a rental department with a range of powder and expert skis. Their shop is directly opposite Yuzawa Kogen Ropeway. You can rent the full set (skis, boots and poles) or just the fat skis if you already have everything else.

Kagura Powder Station in the center of Mitsumata Ropeway Station Car Park also have a selection of rental powder skis that are suitable for the deep snow at the top of Kagura. They also rent a whole selection of backcountry equipment as well as telemark skis and boots.

If you want a powder lesson to go with your fancy fat skis definitely get in touch with us as we are always more than happy to spend some time in the soft, fluffy stuff.


One of our recommended rental shops, Daishin Sports, also has a few sets of powder skis.

Another great option, though not technically a rental shop but more of a demo centre is the Moment Ski Freeski Shop opposite the town hall. Great gear for those that are looking for the latest and greatest.

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