Where to stay in Yuzawa?

Where to stay in Yuzawa?

There are plenty of accommodation options in and around Yuzawa that will satisfy all tastes and budgets. From boutique modern ryokans, resort hotels, traditional inns, small ski lodges, pensions and self catering apartments – the choices are varied and can be overwhelming. If you need some pointers we’re just an email away.

 The view from GALA Yuzawa The view from GALA Yuzawa

Here are a few things you might want to consider:

In town or in the resort? Staying in the center of Yuzawa town means you can wander out to dinner at night and enjoy many of the great local restaurants. You will have to travel to the slopes each day though. This can be done by resort shuttle bus, taxi, free shuttle by your rental shop, or hotel shuttle. The convenience of staying on the slopes is a must for some people. Step out of your door onto the snow, clip your skis or board on, and you are away. You’ll often end up eating dinner and breakfast at your hotel as there may not be other options around, but you are never far away from your room if you need a rest during your exertions on the slopes.

Japanese or Western-style? Japanese-style refers to sleeping on futons on a tatami mat floor. For some this is a deal breaker. It is comfortable and toasty, and isn’t just “sleeping on the floor.” If, however, you really must have a bed, then you need to look for Western-style accommodation. Several places offer either if you ask, and sometime both in the same room – perfect for adventurous kids and luxury-loving parents.

En-suite or communal? Many accommodations in the mountains (especially the smaller ones) have no en-suite facilities. Instead, there will be male and female toilets on each floor, and somewhere in the building male and female shower/bath rooms. These will have showers and a large bath to soak in once you have washed. If the idea of showering/bathing naked with strangers of the same gender does not appeal, you may want to search out one of the places that offer en-suite, or a private onsen option. [Everyone should try the volcanic hot spring onsen baths while in the Japanese mountains – sheer bliss after a day in the cold.]

We can’t book accommodation but we can certainly help you find and contact suitable establishments if you do need help. We’ll be adding a few reviews shortly of places that many of our clients recommend.

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