Work with Snow Country Instructors?

Work with Snow Country Instructors?

We get plenty of emails asking about job opportunities with Snow Country Instructors so thought we would  try to answer some of the main questions here.

We are aiming to be the best international school in the region, with the most experienced instructors teaching fun lessons at a great price. We aim to excel in customer service and ensure our clients have the best time possible. Our instructors should have good qualifications and several seasons under their belts. They should be able to turn clients into friends.

The majority of our work is on skis. If you just teach snowboarding it is likely that your hours are going to be limited.

Visas to work in Japan are essential. If your country has a working holiday program with Japan and you are eligible, this is a good way to start. To get a sponsored instructor visa you require 36 months of experience (though this may be revised in the near future.)

We offer good rates of pay, bonuses, training and plenty of time to enjoy Japan’s famous snow. You experience over here is important to us and we aim to look after our team.

If you are keen for a fulfilling season as part of a fun team drop us an email for further details.

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