Renting Ski or Snowboard Equipment in Yuzawa

Renting Ski or Snowboard Equipment in Yuzawa

“Where to rent?” is a common question. Luckily you are spoiled for choice for renting skis, snowboards or wear in Yuzawa.

1. Check with your accommodation. Many hotels and lodges have their own rental departments and might have a good value package. If they don’t have their own gear, they often have a deal with one of the local rental shops. It is always worth asking your hotel first.

2. Rental Shops in Yuzawa. There are several rental shops in the center of Yuzawa (and we will review a few of them on this blog soon.) Several of them offer a free shuttle service. They will pick you up from the station or your hotel, bring you to their shop to change, and then drop you at the resort. They will set a time with you to be picked up, and then do the whole process in reverse. It is a great service and makes getting around very easy. These rental shops tend to be cheaper than resort rental shops though their equipment may not be upgraded as frequently.

3. Rental Shops at the Resort. Each resort will have a rental shop. These often have reasonably new equipment and have the convenience of being right where you need them, so no need to carry your equipment anywhere. 

All of the above options will rent you the ski set (skis/boots/poles) or snowboard set (board/boots). You can usually rent just one item of the set if you require. Ski wear is usually available, though not all shops rent gloves, goggles or hats, so you might want to check this out in advance.

Boot sizes up to 29cms are usually available, though if your feet are larger than that you might want to double check in advance that they have your size.

There are many different types of skis and snowboards so most rental shops tend to stock a general model that is good for most people at most levels. Not everywhere carries powder skis or higher level equipment for experts, so again it is a good idea to check before you arrive if you are looking for something special.

If you need help with anything to do with rental, or would like us to check prices/sizes/availabilites/etc please get in touch via our Contact Page.

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