Busy Periods during Ski Season

Busy Periods during Ski Season

It is always a good idea to book your lesson in advance if you are coming to enjoy some time on the slopes. There are some periods that are definitely busier than others for the ski schools that teach to international visitors. Your dates might not be flexible so we thought it might help you to know when things get busy.

The first resort to open each winter in this area is Kagura in late November, but Christmas and New Year are the first big rush of the season for the instructors. With lots of countries enjoying holidays at this time of year, and the prospect of a white Christmas, it is a tempting time for people to come to the mountains.

The Chinese New Year holidays are another busy period with plenty of visitors using their vacation time to come skiing and snowboarding (or just for a play in the snow.) These dates move around each year and can vary either side of the actual New Year depending on when people are allowed to take their holidays.

School holidays whenever these fall are also a popular time to come to the resorts. Weekends can also get busy as Tokyo residents creep away from the big city for a couple of days in the snow.

We don’t want anyone to miss out on a fun lesson with one of our super-experienced instructors, so let us know when you are heading this way and we will have one of the team ready for you.

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