Night Skiing in Snow Country

Night Skiing in Snow Country

Night Skiing is offered by several resorts in the Snow Country region. Floodlights illuminate the slopes while a few select courses and lifts are available for those that simply can’t get enough.

Night skiing (or naita in Japanese) is a fun way to spend an evening. If the snow is falling heavily it can also be a cheeky way to pick up some fresh lines while everyone else is tucking into their dinner or having an onsen.

Maiko, Iwappara, Ishiuchi, Naeba, and Kandatsu are some of the places that we have had fun under floodlights on the snow. Not all areas run night skiing every night so it is a good idea to check that it is available before you go.

The night skiing at Ishiuchi Maruyama is one of the longest night ski runs around with lights from the top of the mountain to the bottom. Kandatsu Kogen also has a pretty interesting set up as they offer night skiing until 4am on Saturday nights and nights before public holidays.

It can get cold so definitely wrap up warm, but if you are keen to get as much time on the slopes as possible night skiing is a good option. We’ve taught quite a few lessons at night skiing. You can then hit the snow in the morning knowing exactly what you need to do.

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