Restaurants in Yuzawa.

Restaurants in Yuzawa.

One of the joys of visiting Japan is the amazing food. Just about every meal is a treat, and the quality is amazing; it is really rare to get a bad meal. The Japanese love their food and it is not uncommon to see long queues outside popular restaurants, even in mid-winter with heavy snow falling.

Yuzawa has a great range of restaurants and the Yuzawa Town Tourist Association have recently published an English leaflet giving you details on most of them. You can pick one up outside the Information Office inside Echigo-Yuzawa Station.

The leaflet has a guide map, a quick description of each establishment, along with an example of one of their popular dishes. Contact details and opening hours are also listed. The restaurants are color-coded by area. Pink for restaurants on the West Side of the station, Blue for restaurants on the East Side, and Orange for those inside the station. [We’re trying to get hold of the data for this leaflet but in the meantime have taken photos of the main restaurant pages]

English menus are getting more common, and if you find a restaurant that needs one, let us know and we will see if we an get one done for them. Booking isn’t usually necessary but weekends and holidays can get busy in Yuzawa. If you are really keen to try a certain restaurant it might be a good idea to ask your hotel to reserve for you to avoid disappointment.

We have several favorite restaurants and will try to introduce those on this blog in the near future.

On the subject of food, one of our other recommendations for an evening meal is to have a traditional dinner at a local ryokan. They tend to be real banquets with a sequence of delicious, immaculately presented dishes consisting of seasonal, local ingredients.

Working in a Yuzawa ski school gives our Snow Country Instructors plenty of opportunity to eat out, so make sure to pick your coaches brains for their favorites as well.

  • Carol Lau
    Posted at 09:38h, 07 September Reply

    Can you recommend an all you can eat buffet for young adults near the Echigo Yuzawa train Station? My family of 8 adults are staying at the Yuzawa Toei Hotel in late Dec. 2023. Teen boys , with big appetites, love Jap. food like tonkatsu, ramen, steaks or hamburger but will not eat sashimi, sushi, fish or seasonal vegetables.. Any suggestions within walking distance to hotel?

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Much thank you.

    Carol and Henry Lau

    • P L
      Posted at 17:47h, 07 September Reply

      Hi Carol & Henry,
      Not sure about buffets in Yuzawa I’m afraid. Maybe some of the hotels but these are likely only for guests. Most restaurants do some kind of extra large rice option if you ask for oomori.
      Ninjintei is tonkatsu and usually big portions. Very close to your hotel.
      Ishin Ramen is down on Route 17 by the Noguchi supermarket. They do big sized portions and are highly rated.
      There are a couple of BBQ restaurants though you would order meat by the plate.
      Other good options are Kikushin and Kanae.
      There are plenty of restaurants on the streets either side of the station and it is very rare to not have a great meal.
      The restaurant at Hatago Isen is also worth a visit if you are looking for a treat!

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