ATMs in Yuzawa

ATMs in Yuzawa

Cash is still king in Japan. More and more places are accepting cards and mobile payments but the majority of transactions take place in cash. It is a good idea to carry cash around with you, though it can feels strange to some to have so much on your person if you are used to putting everything on cards at home. If you run short of cash there are ATMs in Yuzawa that accept foreign cards.

7-11 Convenience Stores –  These have long been the go-to option for lots of tourists, as there are so many of them around. Details on their service can be found on the Seven Bank ATM English page. In Yuzawa there are 7-11s just outside the West Exit of Echigo-Yuzawa Station,  on R17 when you turn right off the Yuzawa IC off the expressway, and on R17 when you turn left off the Yuzawa IC towards Kandatsu and Naeba. There is also a 7-11 ATM installed in the lobby of the Naeba Prince Hotel.

The Post Office is the other option. Details on their service on the Japanese Post Bank ATM English page.

 Opening hours at the Yuzawa Post Office Opening hours at the Yuzawa Post Office

If you are looking to pay for your ski lesson or snowboard lesson in Yuzawa with Snow Country Instructors we can accept payment in cash. Credit card payments via online invoices, and bank transfers can also be arranged. Please contact us if you would like further details.

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