Kaizen/Continuous Improvement.

Kaizen/Continuous Improvement.

We believe that no one ever completely masters anything, and so you must always be looking to improve. Training and practice need to continue if you want to maintain your skill, and more so if you want to get better.

There is a large body of skiers who get a good grasp of the basics, build some confidence, and then are happy cruising along in their own groove. We are all good with this as long as you are having fun. But, perhaps you could be having even more fun.

Our advice if you are heading back to the snow this year is to have a couple of hours of lessons at the start of your trip. Pick up a couple of tips, a few things to think about while you are skiing, and see if you can’t get a little bit better. Who knows, you might find a few challenges out there…?

If you have a favorite instructor back at your home resort you might think that you don’t need any help while you are on the road. Consistency is important, but getting another viewpoint on your skiing/snowboarding is also beneficial. Some of our own breakthroughs and eureka moments have come from having different trainers and hearing things explained in a different way, being told to focus on different feelings, or approaching things from a new angle. Try it. You might like it.

Here at Snow Country Instructors we have a whole team who love to work with intermediate and advanced skiers. Tell them what you want to achieve and they will help you improve. If you fancy a new challenge with some powder, park, pipe, racing, or any aspect of your riding, we can tailor the lesson to your needs. You might learn some interesting little runs in the resort as well.

At the end of the day you want to be skiing or boarding better than the you of yesterday.

For more information on intermediate or advanced ski lessons/snowboard lessons please feel free to get in touch. We’re on WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Allo, and email.

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