Cheap Ski Package in Yuzawa – Suberimeguri 2016/17

Cheap Ski Package in Yuzawa – Suberimeguri 2016/17

We mentioned the Yuzawa Suberi-meguri Ski Package a while back as a great ski value option. We’ve now got a copy of the Yuzawa Suberi-meguri 2016-17 leaflet so have all the latest details.

It’s an accommodation + lift ticket deal available at a whole bunch of local hotels, ryokans and minshuku. If you are interested we can put you in touch with the people at the Yuzawa Onsen Tourism Association who organise the package.

Here are the participating ryokan/hotels: Yuzawa Grand Hotel, Yuzawa New Otani, Yukiguni no Yado Takahan, Echigo no Yado Inamoto, Otowaya Ryokan, Oyuyado Nakaya, Honjin Sakuratei, Takinoyu, NASPA New Otani, Hotel Futaba, Yuzawa Toei Hotel, Shosenkaku Kagetsu, HATAGO Isen, KKR Yuzawa Yukiguni, Yuimakura.

And for the minshuku-style accommodations: Lodge Suehiro, Minshuku Tatsumoto, Minshuku Oguraya, Yuzawa Ski House, Omine-sansou, Minshuku Kishimoto, Yamanoie, Yukiguni, Minshuku Toyo, Lodge Makotoya, Minoriya, Family House Yamada, Lodge Berunia, Shimamura Lodge, Takehana, Midoriya, Village Nunoba, Villa Matsunoya, Lodge Ginsen, Ryokan Miyoshi, Lodge Ootsuki, Yuzawa Lodge Masaemon, Minshuku Hirose, Minshuku Kinoene, Business Hotel New Mondo, Minshuku Satsuki, Hotel Vallee Village, Guest House Senwa, Takuminoyado Miyata, Hotel Astor, Famille Kandatsu, and Squirrel House.

It is quite a list. The included ski pass comes as two half day passes that can be used separately, or together as a full day pass. They are valid in GALA Yuzawa, Yuzawa Kogen, Ipponsugi, Naspa Ski Garden, Kandatsu Kogen, Iwappara, Yuzawa Park, and Yuzawa Nakazato. [And if you need lessons at any of those ski areas, we know just the people!]

It’s a pretty good deal, and as it is organised through the local tourism association you’ll be supporting the local business directly.

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