A long time without posting – apologies. We’ve been busy – lots of lessons, lots of fun and lots of festivals. There has not been as much snow as usual this year, but it has still been good out there and the higher resorts will be open for a while yet. Spring is always a good time to be in the mountains.

We’ve been to Yuzawa Snow Festival, Tokamachi Snow Festival, Tsunan Snow Festival & Sky Lanterns,  Urasa Naked Man Festival, and Nozawa Fire Festival; we’ve been snowshoeing, snowmobiling and ski touring; we’ve eaten some amazing foods and drunk some fabulous sakes; we’ve skied some great resorts in all sorts of conditions.

All the things that make the mountains in Japan so much fun. And we’re still going until the last resort in the area closes – which should be some time in May! Long may it last.


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