Yoga on Snow at Joetsu Kokusai

Yoga on Snow at Joetsu Kokusai

We are always interested to see how different resorts are trying to attract people to their slopes.

Joetsu Kokusai Ski Resort are running a few yoga on snow taster sessions this winter. Yoga is getting plenty of attention as a way to warm up before you head out to the snow, and to cool down after your time skiing, snowboarding, or playing in the snow.

The sessions are scheduled on the weekends of 28/29 January, 25/26 February, and 25/26 March, and will run at a few times throughout those days – from 9:00, 11:30, and 14:00 – with each session lasting 15-20 minutes. The meeting point is in front of the ski school at Joetsu Kokusai Ski Resort

Enjoy a bit of stretching and lungfuls of fresh mountain air before hopping into a lesson with one of our team of experienced Snow Country Instructors.

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