Snowmobiling in Yuzawa

Snowmobiling in Yuzawa

If you are having a day off from ski lessons or snowboard lessons in Yuzawa and are looking for a bit of excitement you could do a lot worse than gunning around on a snowmobile.

Just at the base of Iwappara Ski Resort, at what is the Aurora Waterslide Park and Pool in summer, is Yuzawa’s Snowmobile Land. They have several areas where you can have a go on these powerful machines. There are a couple of different options from the quick experience course which lasts for about 30 minutes, to learning how to ride one on your own for 2 -4 hours. You take a license course and then spend some time messing around in their free-ride area. There are banked traverses, and some steep slopes to negotiate, as well as plenty of space to open up the throttle. These are serious powerful snowmobiles, and will have your stomach doing somersaults like a rollercoaster. Serious exhilaration!

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