Hotel & Lift Ticket Package 2017-18

Hotel & Lift Ticket Package 2017-18

Suberi-meguri is a plan arranged by the local tourist office that offers an accommodation and lift ticket package for those coming to Yuzawa. It tends to be a really good value package and is a yearly offering by the Echigo Yuzawa Onsen Tourist Association (Snow Country Tourism) and local hotels. This year’s leaflet is hot off the press so if you are planning your winter snow trip to Japan, this could be just the thing for you.

The lift ticket comes as two half day tickets which can be used however you like – either two half days at different resorts (on the same or different days), a full day at one resort, or exchanged for a gift voucher that can be used locally. The lift tickets are valid for 8 of the resorts in Yuzawa – Yuzawa Nakazato, Yuzawa Park Ski Area, Iwappara, Kandatsu Kogen Ski Resort, NASPA Ski Garden, Ipponsugi, Yuzawa Kogen, or GALA Yuzawa, and you get two half day tickets with each night of accommodation.

The accommodation comes at two different levels: ryokan/hotel, and minshuku. 

Ryokan/Hotel accommodations are the upper end of what is available in Yuzawa. The participating places are Nakaya, Honjin Sakuratei, Yuzawa New Otani, Takahan, Inamoto, Otowaya Ryokan, Taki no yu, Yuzawa Grand Hotel, Hotel Futaba, NASPA New Otani, Kagetsu, HATAGO Isen, KKR Yuzawa Yukiguni, and Yuimakura. There are about 4 different price levels depending which standard of accommodation you stay at, and varying prices per person, with supplements if staying on a holiday. The prices are for one night of accommodation with dinner and breakfast included (as well as the lift tickets.) The cheapest offering in this class for two adults sharing on a weekday would be 15,300JPY per person. With 4 adults sharing it would be 12,000JPY per person.

The Minshuku level offering is available at 34 different lodges around the town, (so we won’t be listing them all here!) You can choose to stay room only (8,000 yen per adult per night), with breakfast included (9,000 yen per adult per night), or with dinner and breakfast included (10,000 yen per person per night. All these prices include the lift ticket offer for each night of your stay. The tickets can be upgraded for an additional charge to one which covers Yuzawa Kogen, GALA Yuzawa, and Ishiuchi Maruyama.

With lift tickets, accommodation and meals included, whichever level you decide to go for, it is a pretty good package. There are quite a few options available, so if you need help with anything, please feel free to let us know.



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