Discount Lift Tickets in Yuzawa

Discount Lift Tickets in Yuzawa

We’ve had snow for the last few days and the whole town a little dusting of white over it at the moment. (You can check out some photos on our Instagram page.) Things are looking good for the opening day of Kagura Ski Area on Thursday 23rd November.

We are getting a few emails from people coming to Yuzawa for their winter snow trip asking about discount lift tickets. This region is yet to have a really good option for lift tickets but you can pick up discount vouchers for most resorts. Have a look in your hotel, rental shop or in some of the tourist information offices around the area. Most discount voucher are for 500 yen off.

The rental shop that we usually recommend also have some discount tickets available for some resorts though these are of a limited number so may or may not be available when you arrive in Yuzawa for your ski lesson or snowboard lesson with one of our international instructors.

If you are heading to Mitsumata/Kagura/Tashiro at any point in the season there is a coupon that includes lift ticket + a 1,000JPY lunch/shopping voucher that can be used in most places in the resorts, that will get you a bit of a discount. Either print it out or show it to the ticket office on the screen of your smartphone.

The first turns of the 2017/18 Winter Season in this region of Japan are just days away!

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