Weekend 16/17 December in Yuzawa

Weekend 16/17 December in Yuzawa

Another winter week has ticked past in Snow Country. Very much a case of “Be careful what you wish for.” Everyone was keen for more snow, and then a big storm comes through and drops half a meter of snow on the whole town. Hours of shovelling to get to your buried car and fresh snow doesn’t seem that fun anymore!

Due to that big snowfall conditions are great at the moment so hopefully you are coming to the snow in Yuzawa or Minami Uonuma this weekend. Kagura and Tashiro are open. Naeba has managed to open up the long course from the top of the No. 2 gondola back to the base. Maiko opened today and are running the gondola and the lifts at the top. Yuzawa Kogen, Nakazato, and GALA Yuzawa are also opening tomorrow. It promises to be a great weekend. Unfortunately Iwappara are waiting a little longer and will reassess after seeing how much snow falls over the weekend.

It is a good time to grab a lesson. The snow is in great condition right now and the cold temperatures should keep it that way. The beginner slopes in most resorts are starting to open so there are some gentle options for those that are just learning to ski or snowboard. There are sure to be lots of people coming up to enjoy the snow on Saturday and Sunday but with more resorts open everyone should spread out a bit this weekend. And it is still early season so resorts are emptier now than they will be during the holidays in Japan.

Our instructors have been out and about all over the slopes of Snow Country already and are available for lessons throughout the weekend for both ski and snowboard. Time for a quick refresher before winter gets into its stride. Drop us a line if you would like to make a booking.

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