Snow Country Festivals

Snow Country Festivals

We are half way through January 2018 already and it has turned into a very busy winter with lots of visitors coming to Yuzawa and Snow Country to enjoy the great Japanese snow. Our ski and snowboard coaches are working hard on the slopes making sure people have a fantastic time during their winter snow trips, but there is also plenty to do off the ski resorts too. Snow Country has a long history, an interesting food culture, and plenty of fun festivals.

Today we are off to the Matsunoyama Bridegroom Throwing Festival, when newly weds are thrown down a snowbank for good look.

If you are in the area and there is a festival going on, it is well worth the effort to check it out. Here are some of the upcoming events for 2018

January 20 & 25 – Traditional Chinkoro Market in Tokamachi

February 3 – Koide Snow Carnival

February 4 – Koide International Snowball Battle

February 10 & 11 – Minami Uonuma Snow Carnival

February 11 – Dousing bridegrooms in icy water in Horinouchi

February 16-18 – Tokamachi Snow Festival

February 17 – Shiozawa Snowcountry Festival

February 17 – April 3 – Display of traditional dolls on Bokushi Street in Shiozawa

February 24 – March 11 – SNOWART at the Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale

February 24 – Kagura/Mitsumata Fireworks

March 3 – Naked Man Festival in Urasa

March 3 – Yakushi Snow Carnival

March 3 & 4 – Kawanishi Snow Festival

March 3 – Echigo Tsumari Snow Fireworks

March 3 – Echigo Yuzawa Onsen Snow Festival

There are many more festival through the rest of March so we will update on those closer to the date. Make sure you head out around Snow Country to enjoy some of these events, and if you have any questions on anything, please let us know.

If you are looking for ski or snowboard lessons with experienced, highly qualified English speaking coaches we have a whole team of dedicated instructors working in all resorts in the region.

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