Recruiting Instructors for Japan Winter 17/18

Spring is here in Snow Country, though we’ve had a bit of fresh snow in the last few days to keep the slopes topped up and in good condition. We’ve

Kagura Heli Ski 2017

Looking for a bit of spring adventure in the Japanese snow? Bookings are now open for the 2017 Kagura heliski / heliboarding days which will take place on April 8th

A few of our favorite things

It’s almost March already, and even though we have had a few days of spring-like temperatures there is snow and cold temperatures on the way. Spring skiing in the Yuzawa

Yuzawa 3 Mountain Ticket

When people think of big ski areas in Yuzawa they often mention the Mitsumata, Kagura, Tashiro and Naeba areas that are all linked together. Not as well known, but equally

Tokamachi Snow Festival 2017

Somehow it is the middle of February already! We’ve lost track of time as we’ve been teaching ski and snowboard lessons all over resorts in Yuzawa and Snow Country, and

Bumper Winter

It is still hammering down with snow! After a less than stellar performance in the snow department last year, Japan is back to its fluffy white best again in 2017.

Snowmobiling in Yuzawa

If you are having a day off from ski lessons or snowboard lessons in Yuzawa and are looking for a bit of excitement you could do a lot worse than

Family Ski Packages in Yuzawa, Japan

It has been a busy season so far. We’ve been giving lots of lessons, skiing, snowshoeing, travelling, snow shovelling, and doing more snow shovelling. 6 days of non-stop snow was

Skiing Across Japan

Our instructors are accustomed to working in different resorts. There are over 10 resorts in the Yuzawa / Minami Uonuma region, and many more in the rest of Snow Country.

Telemark Skiing in Snow Country

Free the heel! We have been having some good snow recently, and there are lots of holiday makers enjoying the winter conditions in the many resorts around Yuzawa. Skiing lessons