‘Tis The Season….

…to be jolly! That’s because several ski resorts in the Yuzawa / Minami Uonuma area are opening up in the next couple of days. Early to mid-December in Snow Country

Kagura full opening on Dec 10 2016

Kagura/Mitsumata missed their planned opening date this year but have been open since the end of November. After the last snowfall yesterday, and more white stuff on the way (if

More than one Yuzawa in Japan!

For those of you heading this way to ski or snowboard with us this season, just a note of warning…. There is more than one Yuzawa in Japan. We are

A great place to learn. What to look for in a beginner ski/snowboard resort.

If you are new to skiing or snowboarding all the different choices can be a bit baffling. This can be especially true for Yuzawa, which, measured by visitor numbers is

Our Rental Recommendation

[UPDATE for 2017/18 Winter – Prices in this post are still current, so this remains a good value option.] If you need ski rental or snowboard rental for your trip

Snow Japan Updates 2016-17

The team at snowjapan.com have been busy and have just rolled out a big update to their site. It was already a great resource for all things ski and snow

Happy My Birthday Campaign in Echigo Yuzawa Onsen

Every year their is a special offer for visitors who celebrate their birthday while in Yuzawa during winter. The campaign runs from December 17th 2016 to April 30th 2017 for

Cheap Ski Package in Yuzawa – Suberimeguri 2016/17

We mentioned the Yuzawa Suberi-meguri Ski Package a while back as a great ski value option. We’ve now got a copy of the Yuzawa Suberi-meguri 2016-17 leaflet so have all

Meeting Points for Lessons

We’ve had a few questions about where to meet your instructor recently so here is a little more information. We usually arrange to meet at the resort of your choice

Snow Watch Winter 2016/17

One of the common questions we get at this time of year is what will the snow be like on a certain date. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing,