Snowkiting in Yuzawa

New season, new challenges! One of our top tips for avoiding crowds this winter is trying a new discipline, so how about snowkiting…? If you are not familiar with this

May in Yuzawa

Our ski season finished earlier than we were expecting as the last few resort in Yuzawa closed in order to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Skiing in the

Snowmobile Land in Yuzawa

We do lots of lessons in Iwappara and find that it is one of the best resorts for learning skiing and snowboarding in the Yuzawa area. Every time we head

Snowmobiling in Yuzawa

If you are having a day off from ski lessons or snowboard lessons in Yuzawa and are looking for a bit of excitement you could do a lot worse than

Predicting snow like a local II

It is autumn in Snow Country, which means new rice being harvested, the stunning display of color as the leaves change, and awesome mushrooms. Last autumn we gave you heads up

Old Ishiuchi Postcards

We’re helping clear out an old house at the moment, and found a series of 8 Ishiuchi Maruyama Ski Resort postcards, and a few other bits of Ishiuchi memorabilia. Can

In Kawabata’s Footsteps

Interesting article from the Japan Times from Jan 2015 called “In Kawabata’s footsteps to Snow Country”. In it, the author recounts the modern day experience of coming through the long

Winter preparations picking up speed.

It is still very much autumn here with no snow to report, but we are moving from the balmy, blue sky autumn into the cloudy, cold autumn which is a

Activities for Non-Skiers

Another question we get frequently is regarding what other activities are available, either for those that do not ski, or as a day off from the slopes. There are other

36 sleeps until the first turns of Winter 2015/16

Kagura opens in just over a month which means winter is super-close now. We’re enjoying great autumn weather at the moment with the rice harvest just about finished, some delicious