Where to stay in Yuzawa?

There are plenty of accommodation options in and around Yuzawa that will satisfy all tastes and budgets. From boutique modern ryokans, resort hotels, traditional inns, small ski lodges, pensions and

Getting to Yuzawa

One of the great things about coming to the snow in Yuzawa is that it is so convenient. By bullet train on the Joetsu Line from Tokyo or Ueno Station you

Snow Country?

Snow Country, or 雪国 (yukiguni) in Japanese, is any area that gets masses of snow, but it is also the title of a famous book from the Nobel Prize winning author

Snow Country Instructors

“Definition: An international ski and snowboard school based in Yuzawa town in Niigata prefecture, Japan. [Associated with incredibly fun lessons, and making sure that their friends and clients see the