Ski & Snow Trips to Japan 2016/2017

Bookings and questions are already coming in for winter 2016/2017, and while we were on the subject, we thought we might highlight a few reasons why we think that Yuzawa

Work With Us FAQs

We’ve still got a few weeks of the season left and are enjoying the spring skiing, but we’re already thinking about putting together an awesome team for the next winter.

Day Return Ski Trips from Tokyo

With the snow finally falling in Yuzawa, it is time to turn your mind to getting up here for some playtime on the slopes. The day return packages from JR

Renting Powder Skis in Yuzawa

Another question that has been appearing a couple of times of late…where to rent powder skis or fat skis in Yuzawa? A couple of good options: Yuzawa Ski House have

Kagura/Mitsumata Shuttle Bus – Early Season 2015

Less than a week until Kagura Ski Resort opens for Winter 2015/16. If you are heading to Yuzawa by train or bullet train, you need to get yourself from Echigo-Yuzawa

JR TOKYO Wide Pass

Good news from JR, the national rail company. They have increased the range of the great value Kanto Pass to include Echigo-Yuzawa and GALA Yuzawa for winter. It is now

Day Return Packages from Tokyo

With the season almost upon us, inquiries are starting to pour in about the cheap day return trips by bullet train. We’ve been waiting for more information on this for

Coming from Tokyo to play in the snow

We’re always happy to answer questions. One that we get quite frequently is regarding coming to Yuzawa, often from Tokyo, just to have a play in the snow. Where should

Winter Driving in Snow Country, Japan

We’ve been getting quite a few questions recently asking about driving around here during winter. There are two rental car shops in Yuzawa situated on either side of the station.

Hakkaisan Ski Resort Introduction

Muikamachi Hakkaisan is one of our favorite ski resorts. It is not big but what it lacks in number of runs it more than makes up for in steepness and