Current Snow Conditions in Yuzawa – December 14 2019

Current Snow Conditions in Yuzawa – December 14 2019

It has been a mild start to the season so far with a couple of good snowfalls, though followed by warmer weather. Several resorts have postponed their opening dates due to lack of snow, and many of the locals have been getting a little nervous!

Today we woke up to a good covering of fresh snow, and it is due to continue all day. Kagura and Tashiro will be fully open this weekend. Other resorts are waiting to see how much snow falls but will be hoping to open if there is enough snow on the ground. Maiko, Iwappara, Joetsu Kokusai, and Yuzawa Park are all hoping to get going.

If you are umming and ahhing about whether to come up this weekend we would advise to go for it. Conditions in Kagura and Tashiro will be very good. If you are looking for lower resorts with some gentle terrain we are hoping that there will be a couple to choose from, though you can ask us about that tomorrow.

Our team is ready to go so if you are looking for a Yuzawa ski school, or snowboard lessons from experienced international English-speaking instructors who are happy to go wherever you would like your lessons. Please contact us and let’s get sliding.

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