Frequently Asked Questions


How can I book?

We have an online booking form, an email address or are available on several messaging platforms. Get in touch and we can work out the details.

Should I Ski or Snowboard?

Both are fun so try whichever you are most interested in. If you only have a short time, skiing can be a better choice for your first experience. Snowboarding is better if you can give it a whole day so that you give yourself the best chance of figuring out the balance.

We are different ability levels. can we be in the same lesson?

People of different ability levels have different needs so one instructor cannot teach them both at the same time. The instructor will normally teach to the lowest level person in a group. You are welcome to stay if you would like a recap of the skills in questions. You may be better served getting an instructor that can focus with you on your goals.

Can I have more than four people in a lesson?

We can teach a big group of students if you wish but it is not the best use of resources. Students tend to learn more in smaller groups and the quality of the lesson is far superior.

How Can I Pay?

We can accept cash on the day, or can arrange payment in advance via bank transfer, Transferwise (if available in your country), or an online invoice via Paypal (which can be settle by card). We also have a mobile credit card reader but we would need to know in advance if you would like to pay by card while you are here.

Do I need a lift pass?

To use a resort you generally do need a lift pass. If you are starting out you might not need a pass that covers all the lifts and many resorts have different types of passes available. We are happy to advise if you require further information on this.

Which resort should I go to?

Tricky question. There are many resorts in the Snow Country region. The answer will vary depending on your location, skill level and requirements. We are happy to advise and can teach at any resort in the region.

When is your season?

The first resorts in this region tend to open at the end of November each year. Lower resorts will aim to open around the middle of December. Skiing continues until April in the lower resorts and the last resort to close is usually sometime in June. January and February are mid-winter and generally have the heaviest snow.

Can one instructor teach skiing and snowboarding at the same time?

An instructor can only teach one discipline at any one time. The instructor will be demonstrating what she/he is asking you to do so will be wearing the same equipment as the student.

Can I split a lesson between different people? 

You have the instructor for a certain number of hours. It is perfectly acceptable for the instructor to spend time with different students if you would like to split the lesson up like that. It can a good use of time and the students benefit from focused one-on-one instruction.

What should I bring?

The lesson fee covers the instructor. You will need to provide your own equipment and lift pass. Insurance that covers snowsports is also a good idea. Money for lunch or drinks if you require.

What about equipment?

Rental equipment is available in every resort. It is worth checking with your hotel to see if they have a rental department as they often have good deals. There are also rental shops in some towns that can provide you with equipment. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns, or require assistance with equipment.

What other snow activities are available?

Snowshoeing, snowmobiling, heliskiing (a certain times of year), tubing, snow canyoning, etc. Get in touch and we can direct you to the right provider.