Our PHilosophy

It is our goal to transform every child from their initial state to their individual maximum capabilities. And then some, as we go through mental barriers and boundaries.
For INTROplus, our philosophy of working with children comes from a combination of extensive experience in racing programs, the classical ski school approach, psychology, and other sports-oriented knowledge.
Our priority is to teach children to ski via games and the natural environment. We are prepared to take risks, but “Controlled risks“ – there must be some risk involved because that is how life is!
Being lazy, trying to scam, or hustle is not tolerated.
To trim the sails and ride the wave is not an option: we are willing to try everything before we say that it is not possible to reach our goals.

How We work

Our main goal is to influence and develop children in all aspects to prepare them for the challenges of life. This is called psychophysical development. We see skiing as a powerful medium for the development of the child which allows us to communicate life values, builds character, and stimulates social development. 

      Communicate the life values we believe in:
Seize the day – get up early, eat well, play, learn, ski, develop … 
If you give your best effort you will succeed
Get to know yourself, get to know others
Learn, try, and move your limits

      Character development – an “I CAN DO IT” mentality:
By going through the process of learning to ski, we use every situation on the slopes to build up character and self-awareness in a child. There are lots of situations where a child needs to overcome themselves. With an “I can do it” mentality children can learn that they are the ones that can make their wishes come true.

     Stimulate the social development of a child:
Skiing and working in a group allows a quicker and more powerful transfer of information.
Due to the group setting it is possible to learn in a playful environment.
Individual development of the child through group effect.
Get to know yourself through others.
Kids need to have time to be kids.

     Triangle relationship: Instructor – Parent – Child
Our instructors are well-rounded and complete, they love what they do and have a talent for knowledge transfer. However, the instructor alone is not the only factor that influences success. Our goal is to build a strong communication triangle between child, coach and parent. Why is this important?
The program can only be effective if the parents and the coach have the same goals and direction.
It is important to build an honest and direct relationship with parents. The base of the relationship is trust.
Communication with the parents is constant, open, and direct 

Still interested?? Have a look at the products below!

Below you can find the different products offered by SCI-INTROplus. In order for the program to be effective and really see a behavioural change in your children we highly recommend booking a multiple day program. All programs can start when we reached the minimum of 3 children attending and are ski only. To book one of the products or for questions please e-mail sci.introplus@gmail.com

Half day program:  3 hours of skiing in the morning or afternoon. Available any day from 9-12, or from 1-4. For children between 5 – 15 yrs old in groups of 3-6. Price – 15,000 yen per child

Full day program:  5 hours of skiing. 3 hours in the morning and 2 in the afternoon, with a lunch break from 12:00-13:00. Available any day from 9-3. For children between 5 – 15 yrs old in groups of 3-6. Price – 20,000 yen per chjld

Weekend program:  8 hours of skiing. 5 on Saturday, 3 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon, with a lunch break from 12:00-13:00. 3 hours on Sunday morning. Available on weekends from 9-3 on Saturday, and then from 9-12 on Sunday. For children between 5 – 15 yrs old in groups of 3-6. Price – 30,000 yen per child

5 day program Mon-Fri: Mid-week program from Monday to Friday.5 hours of skiing every day. 3 hours in the morning and 2 in the afternoon, with a lunch break from 12:00-13:00. Available any week from Monday to Friday 9-3 daily. For children between 5 – 15 yrs old in groups of 3-6. Price – 80,000 yen per child

10 week course:  3 hour program run on Saturday or Sunday morning, or Saturday afternoon. This course is only available at Ishiuchi Maruyama Ski Area. This course will start at Saturday January 6th and finishes on March 10th or start on Sunday January
7th and finishes on March 11th. Available from 9-12 if a morning session, or 1-4 if an afternoon session. For children between 5-15 yrs old in groups of 3-6. Price – 90,000 yen per child

Why SCI-INTROplus?
At the end of the day the kids are satisfied and happy because they pushed their limits and are physically tired. They achieved something today that they didn’t believe was possible in the morning. Not all kids need to aspire to become a World Cup ski racer, but why shouldn’t we give each child the quality information and thoughtfulness necessary as if they were to become a world-class skier?

It’s hard to explain how children transform trough the SCI-INTROplus program. The effect is huge, however intangible. It is a subtle effect which many parents and even highly experienced ski instructors lack the sense to recognize. This is what the SCI-INTROplus program creates. It is this indescribable difference in approach, which doesn’t compare with the ubiquitous classical ski school approaches. 

– We are just something different. –

More info about INTROplus? Click here to have a look at the INTROplus main website!