Join the team for Winter 2019/2020

Join the team for Winter 2019/2020

At Snow Country Instructors we know that we are nothing without great coaches. Our customers’ main experiences of us are with their instructors, and because of this we want to have a team of the very best people that we can find.


We live in and around Yuzawa in Niigata Prefecture on the main island of Japan. It is about 80 minutes by bullet train from Tokyo so one of the easiest place to get to the snow from the capital. Due to this we get lots of customer having their first or second snow experience. We teach a lot of beginner ski and snowboard lessons! There are around 10 resorts in the region where we work regularly, and we occasionally go further afield if our schedule allows. As we are not based at one resort we need to travel to work each day. Local resorts are around 5 -40 minutes drive. We use shuttle buses and company cars to get around. Holding an international driving license that is valid in Japan is definitely an advantage.


Our main season is mid-December until mid-March with a few lessons outside of those dates. We like new instructors to come early December to learn their way around. Finish dates are flexible, but there is normally work for some instructors into April.


We teach skiing and snowboarding to customers from around the world, mainly in English and Chinese. We are always interested in other languages too. We teach private lessons from 2 – 8 hours in duration to all ages and levels, though the majority of our work is on skis with beginners. We pay 4,000 yen per hour of instruction. Business levels vary throughout the season but an average instructor can usually work around 50 hours in December, 80 hours in both January & February, and 40 hours in March. We tend to work hard when it is busy and take days off when things quieten down. There is no standard day as we work in so many resorts. There are no line-ups. The schedule is online, and if you are not booked in for a lesson you are free to do what you like.


Our pay rate is competitive but in return we are looking for instructors who really care about the experience of their customers and who are able to take charge of the booking once they have received it. There is no desk at the resort or supervisor looking over your shoulder so you should be a great communicator with first-rate organisation skills. Being a people-person is a must.

Ideally you are highly qualified and experienced. If you have 36 months of instructing experience we can sponsor you for a visa, otherwise you need to be eligible for the Working Holiday Visa Program for Japan. The majority of our work is on skis so dual-cert instructors do well.

Our team are from many different countries so you should be easy-going and able to get along with people from different cultures. We help arrange housing in and around Yuzawa (about 15000 – 25000 yen per person per month in rent and about 15000 in bills). Most housing is shared with other instructors. Everyone has their own room. We expect professional, respectful behaviour between the team members at all times.

We provide uniform and ski passes to several local resorts for use in and out of lessons.

Japan is a fun place to work but can feel very different at times. We want our ski and snowboard instructors to see the best of it while they are here.

If you are passionate about snowsports, provide amazing customer service, and enjoy helping people, we would love to hear from you. You can check out our blog, Facebook page, Instagram, and Trip Advisor listing if you would like further information on us. If you are interested in joining the team at Snow Country Instructors please send us an email with your resume and any questions that you may have.




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