Kagura / Mitsumata / Tashiro Resort Overview

Mitsumata Ropeway Station

Kagura / Mitsumata / Tashiro Resort Overview

These 3 resorts are often collectively known as Kagura. The first area you reach if you are coming from the Echigo-Yuzawa Station area is the Mitsumata parking area which is about 15 minutes drive. From here you can get a ropeway up to the snow in the Mitsumata area. Head higher up the mountain and you are in the main Kagura area.

Keep driving further along the road is the Tashiro Station where a much longer ropeway takes you over a lake and up to the snow. You can ski or snowboard around Tashiro and through there into Kagura, and down into Mitsumata. Tashiro also links up to Naeba via the long 20 minutes Dragondola. 

The normal lift ticket for Kagura covers Mitsumata, Kagura and Tashiro. The Mt. Naeba ticket covers those three and Naeba as well but many people find the Mitsumata/Kagura/Tashiro area is enough for a great day out.

There are public buses that run from Echigo-Yuzawa Station to Mitsumata, then on to Tashiro, and finish in Naeba. They can get very busy early morning and late afternoon. Some of the rental shops drive their customers to and from Mitsumata each day which can be a convenient way to get out there if you need to rent. The rental shops don’t drive to Tashiro as they consider it too far. Taxis are another option.

Mitsumata has a resort rental shop in the bases building, as a well as a few independent shops on the other side of the resort from the car park. There is gear shop in the middle of the carpark that also does rentals for backcountry ski equipment.

Kagura/Mitsumata is the first resort in the area to open each year with a planned opening date towards the end of November. They can make snow on some slopes but do really on good early snow to get open, and may have to postpone opening if it is too mild.

In general Kagura is geared towards intermediate and expert riders. Beginner lessons are possible, but if it is your first time on snow there are much better options around Yuzawa, like Nakazato or Iwappara. Tashiro has much easier slopes and can be a great day out for beginners, but for first timers you would usually have to walk down the first narrow track to get to a flat area where you can learn the basics. Tashiro also has several flat sections which can be tricky for lower level snowboarders.

During busy periods, getting up and down the ropeway at high traffic times can be a long bottleneck so you should keep an eye on the lift queues if you are running to a tight schedule.

For advanced riders both Tashiro and Mitsumata entrances to Kagura ski resort have lots of fun terrain and with the right snow conditions a lot to explore in the side and back country. Kagura is one of the few resorts in the are that actively embraces off piste skiing and therefore has procedures in place to make it as safe as possible. They also have a price list for rescue services should you need them! If you would like to join a backcountry tour in Kagura we can introduce to some local guiding companies.

If you are more into jumps and tricks the Mitsumata area offers a variety of kickers and rails for you to practice.

There are plenty of restaurants and resting places up on the mountain with options of canteen style food to ramen and rice bowls, so there should be something for everyone. If you had a sporty day in Kagura and you need a break, Wadagoya restaurant has good food and tatami mats for you to stretch out and gather your strength for the final two runs back to the ropeway.

For lessons with Snow Country Instructors, we usually meet at the top of Mitsumata ropeway so we can get to the right terrain for you quickly and not waste any of your precious lesson time. Other meeting spots are of course possible on request. At Tashiro we also tend to meet at the top of the Tashiro Ropeway.

These areas are some of the highest in the region so often have some of the best snow around, and also a long season. They can be the only slopes we have at some times of year, so even though they may not be the most suitable for beginners, they may be all we have.

If you have any questions about Mitsumata, Kagura, and Tashiro please get in touch.

And if you really need to get on skis or a snowboard during green season there is also summer skiing on plastic snowmat at Mitsumata!!

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