March 24 and it’s snowing!

March 24 and it’s snowing!

It is a return to winter this morning as we woke up to 10cms of snow on the ground. It has been snowing on and off all morning and it will be a welcome top-up for those resorts that are still running.

If you are looking to ski and snowboard you currently have the choice of Kagura/Tashiro, Naeba, Gala Yuzawa, Maiko, Kandatsu, Hakkai-san, and the top of Yuzawa Kogen. The Corona virus travel restrictions have reduced the amount of international visitors in Yuzawa, but there are still plenty of people enjoying the slopes that are still open. Most other resorts in the region have closed earlier than expected due to lack of snow which has been made worse by the warm temperatures that have been a feature this season.

Conditions in the higher resorts are still good though, so if you fancy getting outside and enjoying the fresh air in the mountains Yuzawa will still have skiing and snowboarding for a while yet. We also have plenty of instructors still in town if you are looking for a ski lesson or a snowboard lesson.

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