May in Yuzawa

May in Yuzawa

Our ski season finished earlier than we were expecting as the last few resort in Yuzawa closed in order to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Skiing in the spring sunshine is always a great way to bring a close to the winter season but hopefully we can make this up next year. We are currently hoping that everyone will be travelling again by next winter, and that the ski resorts in Yuzawa will be operating as usual – fingers crossed!

We still have several of our ski and snowboard instructors in Yuzawa. They have decided to wait out the situation here, and with no skiing to keep them occupied, are busy exploring the hiking and biking available in Snow Country. With mountain trails, old trade routes, paths through the woods and valleys, and bike tracks along the rivers there are plenty of great options for getting out into nature (and staying isolated from others at the same time!) There are plenty of great sights to enjoy, surprises around every corner, and lots of shrines and temples to discover too.

Most of the non-essential businesses in Yuzawa are closed until the end of May at the earliest. After that we will have to see what happens, but should people start moving around again some of the instructors could be ready to by hiking guides or bicycle guides in their new summer home!

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