Minami Uonuma Ski Resort Opening Dates 2018/19 Winter

Minami Uonuma Ski Resort Opening Dates 2018/19 Winter

We’ve posted the dates for Yuzawa Ski Resorts planned openings for Winter 2018/19, and we now have the full list of the resorts further up the valley in Minami Uonuma. For those of you who need a refresher in Snow Country geography Yuzawa resorts would be everywhere from Naeba to Gala, and Minami Uonuma would then be every resort from Ishiuchi Maruyama to the two Hakkai-san Resorts. Between the two area you have over 20 areas to explore which adds up to a huge amount of terrain, and driving from Echigo-Yuzawa Station to either end of the valley would take about the same amount of time. So head out and explore this winter.

Minami Uonuma Ski Resort Opening Schedule for 2018-19

Maiko Snow Resort 14 Dec – 7 April
Muika Snow Resort 21 Dec – 31 March
Joetsu Kokusai Ski Resort 8 Dec – 7 April
Ishiuchi Maruyama Ski Resort 21 Dec – 7 April
Muikamachi Hakkai-san Ski Resort 21 Dec – 24 March
Chateau Shiozawa 22 Dec – 31 March
Itsukamachi Ski Resort 23 Dec – 31 March
Hakkai Sanroku Ski Resort 23 Dec – 24 March
Ishiuchi Hanaoka Ski Resort 28 Dec – 27 March
Mt. Granview Ski Resort 29 Dec – ?

[This is the plan, and could change. Some places may be shut on weekdays.]

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