Lesson Updates for Winter 18/19

Lesson Updates for Winter 18/19

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The first lift is due to start moving at Kagura on Friday. It is about 10 degrees and still very autumnal here, so we are hoping for a cold snap to come in, otherwise it is snowmat until the snow arrives.

For those coming later during the winter season we have some new lessons to advise people about, and news of discounts too!

Our base price is still the same at 8,000 yen per instructor (not per student) per hour [unless we have a contract with the a ski school at a resort that means we have to charge a higher price, i.e Ishiuchi.] A 2 hour lesson is 16,000 yen, and a 4 hour lesson is 32,000 yen.

This year we have introduced discounts for longer lessons. The three hour lesson is 22,000 yen per instructor. This is a great introductory ski or snowboard lesson option with the extra hour over a 2 hour lesson making all the difference.

Our 5 hour lesson is 38,000 yen, and the 6 hour lesson is 44,000 yen.

If you are really unsure if you can manage a longer lesson, feel free to book in for a shorter period and then upgrade to the longer lesson on the day [as long as there is availability.] We’ll let you pay the difference up to the next price, even if it is a discounted rate.

We are trying to keep our prices in line with private lessons at Japanese ski and snowboard school. We are about quality and value, not price. We employ experienced instructors to teach our ski lessons and snowboard lessons around Yuzawa and Minami Uonuma. You can definitely pay more at other ski schools for instructors with nowhere near the amount of time on snow our team have.


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