Ski Packages Tours to Yuzawa, Japan

Ski Packages Tours to Yuzawa, Japan

So at the moment getting into Japan is still proving to be a bit difficult for most people. We are hoping things will change before winter, but as things stand at the moment, you still need to be part of a package tour arranged by an official agent if you want to enter Japan. The requirement to be accompanied by a guide was dropped in September but there are still quite a few conditions to which you have to adhere.

We’ve been in touch with several different agents to get their take on things, and the majority seem pretty unimpressed with the current situation. On a more positive note we have also found some that believe they will be able to arrange private tours for those that would like to come to Yuzawa to ski or snowboard this winter. If you are looking for a way to enjoy the snow in Snow Country for Winter 22/23 we are more than happy to introduce you to an agent and hopefully you can arrange that long-awaited trip into Japan.

If you need any help with planning your winter ski vacation to Japan on a private package tour please let us know and we can link you up.

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