Ski & Snowboard Rental in Yuzawa

Ski & Snowboard Rental in Yuzawa

[This article was written in 2019 so prices are no longer current.]

The consumption tax rise on October 1st 2019 has brought a few price changes around town, so we thought we would update our information on the local rental shops.

You can rent ski wear and equipment from some hotels, all resorts, and there are also some independent rental shops in the centre of Yuzawa. They tend to offer a free return shuttle service between the station or your hotel and some of the local resorts (usually the ones closer to Echigo-Yuzawa Station. N.B. Maiko, Tashiro, & Naeba are normally considered too far.) The price is very competitive though some of the resort rental shops may have newer equipment. There is no best choice for everybody so definitely shop around. If you are looking for higher level equipment, or particular large sized boots (over 31cm) it might be best to contact in advance.

The free shuttle service is a big plus and makes getting around very easy, though please be aware that all the shops can get very busy during peak periods and the shuttle services may suffer some delays. If you have booked a ski or snowboard lesson with Snow Country Instructors and are meeting your coach at one of the resorts please keep this in mind. Arigatou!

Daishin Sports

Daishin Sports are located right next Yuzawa Kogen Ropeway Station. Their site is in Japanese but you can find the prices below. There is no need to book your gear in advance though if you want to take advantage of their pick up service they would need to know a time and place to collect you on your first day.

Days Ski Set
Wear Set Full Set
1Day 3000円 2500円 5000円
2Days 5000円 4500円 8500円
3Days 6500円 6000円 11500円
+1Day 1000円 1000円 2000円
Days Kids Ski Set
Kids Board Set
Kids Wear Set Kids Full Set
1 Day 2000円 2000円 3500円
2 Days 3000円 3000円 5500円
3 Days 4000円 4000円 7500円
+ 1 Day 1000円 1000円 2000円
Days Ski / Board Only

Ski or

Boots Only

Ski or

Ski Poles
1Day 2300円 1500円 500円
2Days 4000円 2500円 800円
3Days 5500円 3500円 1000円
+ 1 Day 1000円 1000円 100円
※Ski only rentals come with ski poles (but no discount if you don’t require the poles.)
Days Helmet Gloves
One of the above
One of the above
1 Day 800円 500円 1500円
2 Days 1300円 800円 2500円
3 Days 1500円 1000円 3500円
+ 1 Day 100円 100円 1000円


Chenda Rental

Chenda Rental are located in the main street on the West Side of the station. They have Chinese speaking staff, and also an online booking form.


Boo Sports / Yuzawa Ski House

Boo Sports (based inside of Yuzawa Ski House) are located opposite the Yuzawa Kogen Ropeway Station.

Benri Rental

Benri Rental are based down by Nunoba at the far end of Yuzawa Kogen resort so a good options if you are staying in one of the lodges down there.



If you need help with any of the above shops or have any questions, please let us know from the Snow Country Instructors Contact Form. Whether you are having English ski lessons in Kandatsu, snowboard lessons in English in GALA, or an English speaking ski coach in Ishiuchi, one of these shops should be able to help.

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