Family Fun at Maiko

Maiko is a great place for ski lessons or snowboard lessons, but for those looking for non-ski activities it is also a top pick. They have a whole page dedicated

Maiko Shuttle Bus Schedule – Winter 2015/2016

Maiko is one of our favorite places to teach as it has great facilities for learners and some really nice slopes to practice on. It is a breeze to get

Activities for Non-Skiers

Another question we get frequently is regarding what other activities are available, either for those that do not ski, or as a day off from the slopes. There are other

Maiko Events and Discounts 2015/2016

Maiko Snow Resort is due to open on December 12th 2015, and is one of our favorite resorts for lessons due to their magic carpet lifts and range of runs. They’ve

Night Skiing in Snow Country

Night Skiing is offered by several resorts in the Snow Country region. Floodlights illuminate the slopes while a few select courses and lifts are available for those that simply can’t

Yuzawa Area Resorts Opening Dates 2015/2016

[For this winter’s 2016/2017 Yuzawa Resort Opening dates…] The temperatures have cooled off, pre-season ticket sales are cropping up everywhere, and all signs are pointing to winter. There is still

Maiko Snow Resort Introduction

There are lots of resorts in and around Yuzawa where Snow Country Instructors offer ski lessons and snowboard lessons. The choice can be baffling, but we are happy to help, and

Magic Carpets and Beginner Skiers.

In our resort reviews and our articles on lessons for first timers you might have read about “magic carpets.” If you don’t know what we are talking about (and before