Skiing in the Time of COVID – Early Season Kagura

It is the start of winter here in Yuzawa. While we wait for the main snow to hit and all the lower resorts to open, the early season skiing and

Great Resorts for First Time Snowboarders around Yuzawa

With the cicadas buzzing outside and the heat of the Japanese summer upon us there is no better time to sit back and contemplate winter! We covered great resorts for

Yuzawa Town Ski Resort Opening Dates Winter 2018/2019

Autumn colors around Yuzawa at the moment which always means that winter is just around the corner. We are starting to dust off our gear and get ready as there

Resorts, Resorts, Resorts! Which one to choose?

One of the most common questions we get when advising people about their winter ski vacation to Yuzawa / Minami Uonuma is which resort should they choose for their lesson?

Discount Lift Tickets in Yuzawa

We’ve had snow for the last few days and the whole town a little dusting of white over it at the moment. (You can check out some photos on our

Resort Opening Dates 2017/18 in & around Yuzawa

It is a sure sign of impending winter – long dormant ski resort websites get a refresh, pre-season discount lift ticket sales, and most importantly, opening dates for the coming

Spring Skiing Update – April 19th 2016

Things are winding down quite quickly with the arrival of a warm spring after a less than average snow season. Initial resort closing dates have moved forward and all the

Kagura Lift Coupons

Kagura Ski Area Lift Coupon page. Much like the Naeba Lift Coupons we posted about recently, Kagura also have discount coupons that you can use. You can print the coupons,

Kagura Events and Service Days 2015/2016

Onto the back side of the info leaflet for Mount Naeba Resorts – Naeba, Tashiro, Kagura and Mitsumata. Kagura Opening Event – November 21st Tashiro Opening Event (at the Tashiro

Kagura Information Leaflet 2015/2016

So we picked up the info leaflet for Naeba/Tashiro/Kagura/Mitsumata resorts (together known as Mt. Naeba) a couple of days ago and thought we’d put some of the contents into English.