Our Top 3 Winter Festivals in Snow Country

Many people come to Snow Country to spend time skiing and snowboarding, but off the slopes there is also plenty to do, with onsen, awesome food, as well as interesting

Tokamachi Snow Festival 2017

Somehow it is the middle of February already! We’ve lost track of time as we’ve been teaching ski and snowboard lessons all over resorts in Yuzawa and Snow Country, and

Tokamachi Area Winter Festival Schedule 2016

We’ve already mentioned our love of winter festivals in Snow Country and have posted the intro video for the Tokamachi festivals in a previous post. It is well worth a

Winter Festivals – Tokamachi

There is more to winter in Japan than just skiing and snowboarding. Playing around in deep snow, natural volcanic hot spring onsen, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, amazing food, and of course, festivals.