The Best Resort in Yuzawa for Beginner Ski Lessons

The Best Resort in Yuzawa for Beginner Ski Lessons

Yuzawa has some great resorts for learning to ski and snowboard. Most resorts have a good beginner area and first run, and recently many of them have been investing in improving the experience for first-time and beginner skiers and boarders.

We have written before on the benefits of having a magic carpet lift for first-time and beginner skiers. It makes a huge difference to the enjoyment and ease of learning to ski.

It is not always possible to pick the location for your ski trip, but if you do have the choice and are looking for a beginner friendly ski resort in Yuzawa, then Nakazato Snow Resort could be the perfect choice. Last year they put in a long covered magic carpet at the beginner area which was a great location for ski (and snowboard) lessons. This fall they added another smaller magic carpet on the other side of the beginner slope. It is shorter and offers an even more gentle run so is the ideal first ride for once you have mastered balancing on skis and are ready to start sliding.

We are happy to teach beginner ski lessons at any resort in the area but if you want the best experience possible, Nakazato could be a great fit.

Please get in touch if you would like further information on ski lessons in English or ski lessons in Chinese in the Yuzawa area.

The smaller escalator / magic carpet lift at Nakazato Snow Resort in Yuzawa on the right of the photo above, and the covered magic carpet lift over on the other side of the slope. Both give access to gentle slopes that are great for learning.

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