Top Tip: Night Ski

Top Tip: Night Ski

We mention this every year but we think it is definitely worth repeating for those that want to get as much time on the snow as possible: don’t forget night skiing. A trip to the snow as part of your Japan vacation can mean travelling from Tokyo or Niigata and spending some time on trains. That doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on snow time.

Pick a resort that runs night skiing and you can be out on the slopes of Yuzawa or Minami Uonuma ski resorts until about 9pm. So even if you are arriving after lunch, or just in time for your 3pm check-in time at your amazing Japanese ryokan you can still get plenty of time skiing or snowboarding.

Night skiing is usually only on a few slopes of the ski resort, so don’t expect everything to be open, but there is usually plenty to keep you occupied. One of the main benefits is that there is hardly anyone there after 4.30 so you will feel like you are in your own private ski resort. There will be some restaurants open so you can have dinner on the snow or just a hot drink to warm you up. The mountain views are great at night – very different from what you see during the day, and should you be lucky enough to be there while it is snowing, it is magical with snow falling under floodlights.

If you are planning on taking ski lessons or snowboard lessons while in Yuzawa night skiing can be a great option. Fewer people on the slopes means plenty of room to practice, and you can head out the next day with fresh skills to explore more of the resort. Our team of international instructors can often been found on the slopes at night, so do get in contact if you would like more information about this fun ski / snowboard possibility. Maiko Snow Resort, Iwappara, Kandatsu Kogen, and Ishiuchi Maruyama all run night skiing at different parts of the season so there should be something available to enjoy.

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