Your own private ski resort.

Your own private ski resort.

The Snow Country Region contains a large amount of ski resorts: everything from the interlinked multi-resort ski areas of Kagura / Tashiro / Naeba, or Yuzawa Kogen / Gala / Ishiuchi Maruyama, to single lift single run offerings like Ipponsugi. Lots of the Yuzawa and Minami Uonuma resorts like NASPA Ski Garden, Iwappara, Maiko, Hakkai-san, and Joetsu Kokusai are reasonably well known, whereas further afield there may well be resorts of which you have never heard.

One of the more interesting marketing ploys we have seen of late in this area is the smaller, less well-known resorts offering the whole resort on a private basis. This means they will run the resort for the day (usually only in off-peak periods) for your group, family, school trip to the snow, or business ski day. No one else there apart from you and your friends! This could be a really novel way of enjoying some time in the snow and some of the prices look great, especially if your group is bigger. You are likely to discover a new area, and all of them in this region boast masses of deep Japanese snow. There are also great accommodation options close by to these ski resorts that will show your group fantastic Japanese hospitality.

If you are looking for a ski break or snow vacation with a difference this winter this could be one option worth investigating whether it is your first time to the snow or you have plenty of experience. Exploring the ski resorts of Snow Country is always a treat. Contact our ski and snowboard school for more information, and if you are looking for ski lessons or snowboard coaching in English, Chinese (or several other languages) we have a full team of pro instructors who will help you fully enjoy your time on the slopes.

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