Yuzawa & Minami Uonuma Resort Opening Dates for Winter 2021 / 2022

Yuzawa & Minami Uonuma Resort Opening Dates for Winter 2021 / 2022

Winter is (hopefully) just around the corner. We’ve had the first snow up high, the fall colors are almost done, and the locals are busy setting up protection from the snow for trees and houses. Resorts are getting ready too with ceremonies to ask for a safe and successful winter, as well as getting lifts and machinery ready.

So here is the list of planned opening dates for the local resorts waiting to welcome you for some fun on the slopes in Yuzawa and Minami Uonuma this winter. Let’s hope the snow arrives in time for the resorts to hit these dates.

Kagura / Mitsumata – Saturday November 20th

Joetsu Kokusai – Saturday December 4th

Gala Yuzawa – Saturday December 11th

Ishiuchi Maruyama – Friday December 17th
Maiko – Friday December 17th

Yuzawa Nakazato – Saturday December 18th
Tashiro – Saturday December 18th
Naeba – Saturday December 18th

Muica – Friday December 24th
Yuzawa Park – Friday December 24th

Hakkai san – Saturday December 25th
Iwappara – Saturday December 25th
Naspa Ski Garden – Saturday December 25th

Yuzawa Kogen – ?

For those of you outside of Japan who are hoping to get back here for a bit of skiing or snowboarding this winter, you might be more concerned about the closing dates! We have no idea what the snow is going to do this year, but as a general rule, lower resorts close mid- to late-March, or early April. Higher resorts like Kagura, Tashiro and GALA will try to remain open for the Golden Week holidays in early May, and Kagura should be the last to close on Sunday May 22nd. If you want to check conditions, feel free to get in touch and we can let you know how the snow is holding up in spring. Everyone in the industry would be delighted to have overseas visitors back this season!

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