Snowkiting in Yuzawa

Snowkiting in Yuzawa

New season, new challenges! One of our top tips for avoiding crowds this winter is trying a new discipline, so how about snowkiting…?

If you are not familiar with this particular snow sport then imagine harnessing yourself to a giant kite and getting pulled along the snow on your skis or snowboard. Sounds fun, right?

We have a couple of instructors who are also snowkite instructors (and kite surfing instructors too in the summer), and for the last few years they have been keen to introduce the sport in Yuzawa. There is a good location up the valley a bit of a drive away, but they are currently scouting out more local locations and are hoping to be able to offer snowkiting in Yuzawa this winter.

If you are interested in a new challenge that is lots of fun (and a transferable skill for summer adventures too) please contact us. The more ways you can enjoy the snow the better. If you are interested in taking ski lessons, snowboard lessons, or telemark lessons in resorts around Yuzawa or Minami Uonuma to broaden your skill set, we are more than happy to help.

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