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Ask us anything. It doesn’t even have to be about Skiing



Snow Country Instructors  are a team of experienced instructors and coaches teaching all levels of skiing and snowboarding in the Snow Country Region of Japan. We love what we do and care about your experience in these beautiful mountains.

We’re based in Yuzawa, one of the most easily accessible ski destinations in Japan. Yuzawa is surrounded by ski resorts and we offer lessons in any of them. If you don’t know where to go we are happy to suggest the best one for your needs.

The area is often known as Snow Country and it gets masses of snow every winter. Our instructors have skied across the globe and have never seen snow like this. Everyone should make the trip to see it.

We also work in other resorts around the region. Let us know where you are going and we can get someone there to ski/snowboard with you.

Snow Country is our home now and we want all visitors here to get the most out of their trip and their time in the snow.

Our instructors are the very best at what they do. We work with experienced instructors who can really make the difference with your progression. They are passionate about their sport and will do everything in their power to pass that passion on to you.


The Snow Country Region has a Huge Selection of resorts. Our instructors CAN TEACH in all resorts and are happy to advise if you do not know where to choose.
  • GALA

    With a bullet train station in the base of the resort this is an incredibly easy resort to reach.


    One of the best resort for lessons in the region. Two magic carpet lifts and some great slopes. Ski-in, ski-out accommodation.


    Good variety of runs with lots of slopeside accommodation options. Links up to GALA Yuzawa as part of the 3 Mountains.

  • Iwappara

    Long, wide slopes which are perfect for lower levels. One steep slope for experts. Has a magic carpet lift.

  • Naeba

    Large resort with a Prince Hotel at the base. Linked to Tashiro by the 5.5 kilometer long Dragondola.

  • Kagura & Tashiro

    Kagura has some good runs for intermediates and experts and well-loved by backcountry fans.

  • Yuzawa Nakazato

    Good terrain for beginners. Also has a magic carpet and sledging area.

  • Kandatsu Kogen

    Fun little resort famous because of its fun park and steep home run. Suitable for higher levels, park rats and night skiers.

  • Joetsu Kokusai

    Only 20 minutes away from Echigo-Yuzawa Spread out resort so there is lots to explore e for all levels of skier and snowboarders.

  • NASPA Ski Garden

    Skier-only resort with large hotel just on the outskirts of Yuzawa town.

  • Nozawa Onsen

    An hour away from Yuzawa over in Nagano Prefecture. It is a popular resort, quaint village and a popular day trip for our clients. Full Day Lesson Booking is required.

  • Hakkaisan

    Very long main run accessed by ropeway. Good for experts and advanced. Full Day Lesson Booking is required.


Anywhere else?

We know that when you have found the right instructor it is a great idea to stick with them. We have taught ski and snowboard lessons in Niseko resorts, Hakuba resorts, Kijimadaira, Myoko resorts, Shiga Kogen, Karuizawa and Zao. These resorts require us to travel and for some may need multiple Full Day lessons bookings. Let us know where you are headed and we will get packing.

First time

The Snow Country Region in Japan is the perfect place to try snowsports for the first time. Easily accessible from Tokyo, it can be visited as a day trip or as a longer stay. There is a wide range of accommodation available, and many resorts from which to choose.

For a very first timer most resorts have an area that is good for beginners. If you have a particular preference about where to have your lesson, please let us know. We often recommend Maiko as a great choice for that first experience.


Both are great fun. If you have a particular interest in one or the other, try that first. Snowboarding tends to involve falling over a few times while you learn how to balance. Once you have that mastered, progress comes quickly, and you will be up on the slopes practicing. For skiing you generally fall over less and spend more time on flatter slopes learning how to stop and turn.


Wear – Snow pants and jacket. Hat/Helmet. Goggles (when snowing) or sunglasses (when sunny or cloudy). Gloves. Thick socks are not recommended. Thin socks that come to the top of your boots/calves are sufficient.


Boots – hard plastic boots (that are difficult to walk in but support your foot and ankle.)
Skis – Usually as tall as the middle of your face. The bindings on the skis are designed to release your foot if you should fall over.
Poles – For added balance and use on the flat. We often teach children (and sometimes adults) without poles.


Boots – Softer and more comfortable than ski boots.
Board – Usually as tall as your chin.


A typical lesson for first timers could go something like:

  • Meet at Resort & Introductions
  • Equipment check
  • Equipment explanation
  • Body position
  • Sliding on the flat
  • Sliding on a gentle slope
  • Using a lift to access the first beginner slope