Recruiting Instructors for Japan Winter 17/18

Spring is here in Snow Country, though we’ve had a bit of fresh snow in the last few days to keep the slopes topped up and in good condition. We’ve

Telemark Skiing in Snow Country

Free the heel! We have been having some good snow recently, and there are lots of holiday makers enjoying the winter conditions in the many resorts around Yuzawa. Skiing lessons

Kaizen/Continuous Improvement.

We believe that no one ever completely masters anything, and so you must always be looking to improve. Training and practice need to continue if you want to maintain your

Work With Us FAQs

We’ve still got a few weeks of the season left and are enjoying the spring skiing, but we’re already thinking about putting together an awesome team for the next winter.

Skiing in Hakuba

Our home base is the Yuzawa/Minami Uonuma area but we love to head out and ski wherever our clients and friends ask us to slide about with them. This has

Looking for Chinese Speaking Instructors? 找中文滑雪教練嗎?

Snow Country Instructors can also teach lessons in Chinese (Mandarin / Cantonese), but please book early as instructor numbers are very limited.Ski lessons and snowboard lessons available at Naeba, Kagura,

Work with Snow Country Instructors?

We get plenty of emails asking about job opportunities with Snow Country Instructors so thought we would  try to answer some of the main questions here. We are aiming to

Snow Country Instructors

“Definition: An international ski and snowboard school based in Yuzawa town in Niigata prefecture, Japan. [Associated with incredibly fun lessons, and making sure that their friends and clients see the